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When choosing a real estate professional, get to know their history!

Below, you'll find information that will help you get to know me better - from awards and credentials I've achieved, to references from past clients.


I consider the satisfaction of my clients to be my greatest achievement, and take pride in my high volume of repeat business and referrals.

Call me today - I'd love to add you to this growing list!

Dr. Blair Feltmate

I have known AJ and his team for about 10 years – during this time, I have engaged AJ (“the AJ Lamba Team”) in the purchase and sale of about 15 properties, ranging in value from a $200,000 - $2.5 million.  Prior to knowing AJ, I dealt with about 5 real estate agents.

Based on my experience with AJ, I can state that he is by far the most skilled, dedicated and professional real estate agent that I have ever met.  Beyond the “normal stuff” that any real estate agent will do – e.g., advertising on website, posting a property in the local newspaper, producing booklets to show off a property, etc. – AJ’s exceptional ability comes into play when negotiating the price on a property, on both the buy and sell side.  I have never seen anyone as skilled at selling a home for top dollar as AJ – and, his instincts to negotiate the best price on the buy side are unparalleled.  There have been many times that I would have settled for deals less favourable to me than what AJ ultimately achieved.

In my view, it is negotiating skill that determines whether an agent will be good or great – AJ is most definitely on the great end of the equation.  Many agents will negotiate “downward” on a deal simply to make a sale – AJ will not go that route – through combined discipline, experience and patience he will secure the best deal possible on behalf of his clients.

AJ’s team is as equally skilled and professional as AJ – they are always quick to act, no matter what the request.

It is without reservation that I highly recommend AJ and his team to any home buyer or seller.


I want to thank Mr. Moe Barakat for his outstanding service and diligence in my real estate experience. As a first time home buyer, I had tons of questions, doubts, and hesitations, and he was, without fail, readily available to listen and discuss all of them with me. When I first approached Moe with the idea that I wanted to invest in real estate, he sat me down and laid out the entire process for me, and asked me what it is exactly I was hoping to accomplish. His love for his work as a real estate agent, and more so his passion in being a helping hand for those trying to achieve their goals is abundantly clear and a huge relief. The whole process was smooth and exactly as planned with the exception of one instance. When I had thought my financing hadn't gone through as expected, I called him urgently and within the hour he had called everyone involved in my deal and resolved the issue. I particularly admire his honesty in admitting something he simply doesn't know. He will research whatever is necessary and get back to me, but he never provides me false information or information he is unsure of if only to make his job easier. I have not dealt with other real estate agents before, but given the level of service Moe has provided me, I would say it will be extremely difficult to match should I go to anyone else. I am grateful for his help and am now a proud owner of my very first property. Should any of my friends, family members, acquaintances, or should I myself be in need of a real estate agent for a real estate deal, I will most definitely be recommending Moe and the AJ Lamba team.


It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Ankit Malhotra from AJ Lamba's realty team. My family has had experience with other realtors before, but this is the first time I am buying a home.I can confidently say that Ankit is best real estate agent we have dealt with in all these years.

He is punctual, organized with the scheduling of showings and doing background research on each property he shows, knowledgeable about different aspects in the real estate business, and educated us about real estate in general. Ankit quickly learned what our expectations were and booked showings that met our criteria. He was very meticulous when seeing properties (checking windows, floors, furnace age, etc), pointing out all the advantages and disadvantages in each house, rather than putting pressure on us to buy. Due to the current market status, we ended up putting offers on several houses which did not get accepted. But Ankit remained positive and showed us more and more houses with the same level of enthusiasm as he had on day 1 until we finally found the right house! I was impressed with his thorough market analysis and the statistics that he showed for each and every house we put an offer on. He also referred us to the capable contacts such as lawyers, mortgage brokers, etc.

Moreover, Ankit is a thoughtful and friendly person, while maintaining professionalism in all our interactions. In general, he is a pleasant person with excellent interpersonal and communication skills - it is easy to talk to him about anything. He considered us as family and acted as if he was helping buy a home for a family member, not just a client. Even after the house buying process, Ankit still makes himself available for any questions I have and stays in contact. We are truly going to miss seeing houses with Ankit every week as it was an enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend Ankit to anyone!

Thank you so much Ankit for all your hard word, dedication, and help!!!

Denys & Sherry

We appreciate all the support we received. In terms of selling Mr. Lamba you aimed to sell higher and we were able to get the price you were aiming for. This was very beneficial to us. 

When we bought we appreciated your team’s ability and flexibility to show us so many houses until we found the right house. 


When my husband and I started the process of finding our first property to purchase in Canada, we had no knowledge and wanted to work with an agent that was patient, experienced and above all, honest. Puneet, you brought these key qualities and so much more to our house hunt. From the get-go, your warm personality and thoughtful approach put us at ease. You were very committed to understanding our top needs and what we want in a home and developed a search list daily tailored for us. Whenever we were visiting houses for viewings, you always used to put forward the positives and negatives about that property, which kind of what we liked as you were not pushy at all and decision was on us whether to go with that property or not.


Your ability to listen to and incorporate our feedback into the search were key to us finding a number of strong contenders very quickly. Once we found the home we ultimately wanted to buy, you held our hands through the entire purchase process and masterfully helped us craft our winning bid at a fantastic price. We are looking forward to move in and I know as a friend you’ll still put your effort in making sure that we were safe and comfortable in our new home. We are so glad that we were able to work with you and cannot recommend you highly enough! We are impressed with your professionalism and communication throughout the whole process.


Thank you again, Puneet, and if there is any need in the future, I will be calling on you :)


Any Realtor could have sold me an address, but it took the wonderful talent of Mohammed Barakat to get me my home.Thanks so much Moe, I really felt that you listened to me and understood my concerns and goals. You are one of a very rare breed who goes above, beyond, around and through to make home buying a special experience. Thanks for being so positive, professional and reassuring. You're awesome, I feel very fortunate that you were on my team!!!!!

Bobby and Erin

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Ms. Shariat-Mohseni. I’ve gotten to know Nazie for the past 2 months when we first met and decided to seek her help in purchasing our new house in Mississauga.
Ever since the day we met, she has been both a consummate professional as a Real Estate agent as well as a dear friend to me and my family. Nazie has an unparalleled dedication to her clients and her job and has been helping us every step of the way in finding our dream home. We never needed to go to her for questions as she has always been very proactive and has taken the initiative to inform us with all the up-to-date market news and the best available deals. While searching the market for our new home, at times my wife and I wouldn’t feel so optimistic about finding a suitable place, but Nazie’s positive energy would keep us going until we hit the jackpot.
She negotiated the best deal for us and we were so satisfied with her that we decided to hire her to sell our condo for us as well. We were so nervous that we might not sell our place on time but with Nazie’s help we achieved that in just 6 days after our condo was placed in the market. We have two other units in our building for sale, long before ours was advertised, which have not sold yet. And that should serve as another testament to Nazie’s amazing ability to close deals. We have not only found a good Real Estate agent, but also a friend for life.
Please share my thoughts with your other agents and congratulations for having such impressive people working for your establishment.

Colomba and Mike

My wife and I are writing to you today to inform you of the excellent service we got from our agent Nazie Shariat-Mosheni. Nazie lives on our street and six months ago we spoke with her about how we wanted to downsize so that we could help our children through University. Our initial conversations were centered around being able to fund University and we were looking at selling in Mississauga and buying in Milton, subject to the net value we could achieve. Our time horizon was Spring 2012 to sell and buy with moving dates after the school year completed. Nazie met with us and gave us a value for our house that both of us struggled to believe (as it was so high compared to any other sale in the neighborhood). We met with two other agents one a high profile Mississauga agent and the other a Milton agent. Neither of these two were very creative nor did they have the passion and belief that Nazie did. Their initial values for our home were $30K and $50K less than what Nazie said and what we actually got!
Nazie had a stager come in back in October of 2011 to give us ideas as to what to do to prepare our house for sale. We began the path of preparation which took four to five months. During this time Nazie stayed in touch but never once did she push us or ask us to sign anything. Nazie had genuine interest in what we were doing and yet understanding that it would take some time.
In our initial meeting with her back in October we explained some things we were looking for in a new home and we asked her to try and find something like that in Milton
Nazie took us to several homes in Milton in October and after that we were certain that the plan to downsize was viable and that we should continue on. Nazie in the mean time continued to search Milton Real estate all through the winter months for comparables for homes with the features we wanted and to get a really good gauge as to the price range we would need to spend to get what we wanted.
All through this Nazie never asked us once to sign anything. Nazie was building a relationship and she did so excellently.
A month ago we spoke with Nazie and said we are ready ( or so we thought) and we started looking at houses in Milton we found one that we thought we wanted to buy and Nazie calmed us down found out if there was any offers on the house at that time, and since there wasn't she asked us to sleep on it. We did and when we got up my wife and I had both decided it wasn't the home for us, so Nazie's experience saved us from making a mistake that we would definitely be regretting today.
Later the next week we did find a home that we fell in love with and we told Nazie we wanted to offer and she guided us through the purchase in a calm professional and courteous manner. I am usually a nervous type especially when it comes to big financial matters, but Nazie had a very calming effect and the research we had done with her by way of visiting homes and seeing what they were listed at made all of us comfortable that what we paid for the home we bought was fair market value.
Having bought a new house we now needed to sell ours and Nazie brought her stager to make the home show ready. After staging the home looked marvelous.To this I credit Nazie, her stager Monica.
Prior to deciding on the price to list the home at, Nazie had been checking comparables all over within a 5-10 km range. We would come home each night to listing with her evaluation as to how they compared to our home. Nazie had us convinced that the value we listed at was fair market and that she had the listings printed out as comparables to support it. Nazie never wavered in her belief of the market value of our house. Her confidence continually assured us we had the right value.
We ended up having four open houses over two weekends and selling our home for 99.7% of asking price in 9 days. During the last open house Nazie spent a significant amount of time with the eventual buyers convincing them of the value of the neighbourhood. We really believe that Nazie "sold" the house.
Although 9 days may seem very fast to a Broker I assure you it isn't to a home seller. After one week we were discouraged and Nazie came over and assured us that it just takes a little time, and that our house wass priced right.... 4 days later it was sold.
Please congratulate Nazie you have a great agent on your team. We have an agent for life
You may share this recommendation with anyone you wish to.

Mia Prado

I was the reluctant seller, quite comfortable to spend the rest of my retirement days at 46 Sheila.  However, when I agreed, I was emphatic to have AJ sell our home.  He purchased this house for us in 2006 and we were satisfied.  I saw no reason for any other realtor.

Thank you AJ.  You and your team made this experience seamless.  Your leadership is evident in the hard work and dedication of your team.  They did not only listen but they were respectful, friendly and above all understood our needs.

I will miss the daily calls of Alex requesting for a showing.

More power to you.

In behalf of Cesar and the rest of our family, again thank you.


It has been a pleasure to partner with your team to find a home for our family.  Jan was patient in understanding needs of our family. He has a special quality of making you feel at ease and has lots of patience. He worked so hard on finding a home for us. We would be happy to endorse him and your team. Never felt as though we were under pressure to buy a home.

Mr. AJ Lamba was involved in all the processes from the time we mutually agreed to partner with the AJ Lamba team. He  has genuine concern for his client. He is transparent in approach and giving us the right advise all the way through. We always felt that he was there to guide us in every aspect of the process. Felt like he was the big daddy watching over all of us!! : )

We thank you and your team and we hope that this would be a smooth transition to our new home.

Hala & Reda

To Mr. Lamba , just a heartfelt thank you from myself & my husband for the professional service you have provided during the sale of our house, the excellent assistance  and the much valuable advice you have offered during the hard process of buying a new one.

To Lisa, just a little note with a massive thank you for everything you have done to us .. Your hard work & sincere guidance through every step of the way is much appreciated .. I cannot speak highly enough of your professional attitude . It was a very stressful time for us and you were so reassuring to make us believe it would happen..  Always returning our calls, arranging showings, answering our  millions questions .. We miss you already!

To team Lamba,  YOU ARE #1 .We are highly impressed with your above & beyond service and assistance .. We would definitely recommend your service to all our friends and relatives ..   Thank you so much ...Way to go  team Lamba ..with all our best wishes.

Bhavesh & Krupa

We truly appreciate and thank full for you wonderful help and support to get this dream home.

We were looking for a Home in Mississauga. We were browsing list of properties on Internet and for the inquiry of a particular property we called the AJ LAMBA Team.

Frank’s response was so fast and he called me right away. We met him and He listened to our needs and situation.

Frank is very good listener. He puts client needs first. He understood our need and he helped us to find our dream home in just 3 days.

We only saw 8 - 10 properties and we found the property that we want and within our budget.

It was in multiple offers but Frank handled the situation very well. Frank helped us till last minute.

Frank is very knowledgeable and he knows market very well. Before putting an offer, He sat down with us and walk through us with all the details about neighbourhood, Price of the property, community, etc. We were amazed with his presentation and confident about buying the property.

I would highly recommend choose Frank as your Realtor agent for your next Buying/Selling Home.

Duke and Janet

"The frustration of searching for the ultimate dream house over a 6 month period, whiles your existing house closing date fast approaches will bring the worst out of any individual. Throughout my ordeal, Joseph responded to all the challenges with a genuine desire to do whatever it took for my family and I to get our dream home,
Joseph’s professionalism was outstanding, His timely manner of addressing our concerns was superb which went beyond my expectations  
If you want a real agent, that will  get you the best results use Joseph Servedio.
Joseph, Keep providing that consistent, quality service to all your clients, Thank you".


I would like to express my appreciation for your work on my property. You are a very dedicated, hardworking and honest team. I had the great pleasure of dealing with A.J. Lamba himself who was very nice and always available to assist with any of my concerns. Thank you again for your time and commitment.


I would like to thank your team for all the support and guidence thru out the process of Home buying.
I am a first time home buyer with a confused state of mind and with lot of questions about the buying process. Your team made it soooooooo simple and made me comfortable in every step. At no point I felt pressered and all my queries were ansered in a proffessional manner.
We worked with Deepak and he is very proffessinal at his work. I am very happy and Proud Home Owner now. Deepak clarified all my doubts in a simple language and was very helpful in the entire process. He even went out of the way and made sure Customer satisfaction is the first priority.I am and Will recommand Deepak to all my friends.I not only got a professional Realtor, I now have a friend for life.


Good morning AJ, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the support, kindness, and understanding along the process. Please extend our best wishes to the entire team. Have a great day.

Mike and Isabel

I am writing this testimonial to share with you the excellent service we had with Nazie Shariat-Mosheni in finding our new house as well as selling our existing home.  After making the difficult decision to decide to possibly move after living 17 years in our current home and sitting down with Nazie on what we were looking for in a new home and the locations we were interested in looking to move to, she started within a couple days sending us listings and setting up appointments to view houses we had an interest in. Her commitment and passion for finding us the right house was tremendous as my wife and I were so impressed with the knowledge and insight of the respective neighborhoods we were looking to move into and within a month or so of starting the process, we found our house in the desired location we wanted to be in for the next 10-15 years.  I can honestly say that the house that we purchased was 100% due to Nazie as we were in a multiple offer situation and her genuine personality and integrity I believe won us this house!
Now that we just bought our new house, we had to change gears very quickly and get our current house ready for sale within a 3 week period and determine what was the right asking price. Nazie provided us advice on de cluttering and staging our house and actually brought in 2 stagers to assist us in giving us ideas what we needed to do to sell the house at the price we were going to ask. As we knew we had a very nice home that we felt anyone moving into would not have to do any major renovations or upgrades, we just did not have a good idea what we could get for it. This is why using Nazie is in your best interest as she strongly believed we could list our house at least $50-70k more than what other agents would have done as she had the belief we could get the asking price we agreed to list at as she provided us comparables within a 10km area.  After 3 weeks in preparing our house and settling on our asking price, we put it on the market and it was sold within 1 day at 101% of our asking price in which we had multiple offers to deal with!!! Again, I strongly believe that the reason we received the selling price of our house is 100% attributable to Nazie as her passion and genuine interest to do what is best for her clients is always front and centre and we cannot thank her enough for leading us through this stressful but also an exciting time of our lives!
We would highly recommend Nazie to others who want an honest and hard-working real estate agent who looks out for your best interest throughout the entire process!


Good day Mr Lamba, Thank you for coming so late last night and thank you to all your dedicated employees. Louis

Hans and Alicia M

To potential clients, If you are having a difficult time finding a real estate agent who will do a marvelous job for you, then we would highly recommend Nazie Shariat-Mohseni. We found a beautiful house which was being listed by her. The home was so well presented and staged that we put an offer in on the same day. Nazie had the difficult job of being a representative of both the buyers and the sellers,however we always felt that she was acting in our best interest. Emails and calls were returned almost instantly. We knew she was certainly busy with other listings, but she always found the time to take care of any issues that came up. We liked her professionalism and talent so much that we then enlisted Nazie to sell our existing home. She was very skillful, experienced and balanced in her approach in negotiating with buyers. The home staging was wonderful and really made a beautiful difference in the final presentation. Our home was sold in 10 days for 100% of asking price. We would highly recommend Nazie to others who are considering a real estate deal in the future.


Dear AJ Lamba Team, We can't thank you enough for your professionalism, expertise, and hard work in helping me find my condo apartment in Mississauga. I love my apartment, the neighborhood, and the community! I know I was very fussy about location, Condo fees, utilities, parking and type of accommodation I wanted, I was expecting that you will give up but you amazed me with your calmness and patience. As we started to look , the mailings you sent, along with showings, were extremely helpful as I was going through our initial decision process. After I decided to move to Square one, your years of experience in this market really came into play. Your knowledge of the neighborhoods, construction, Condo rules and attention to my other needs (inspectors, movers, booking elevators), was so valuable and helped guide me in making the right decisions. In fact, I have already recommended you to both friends and relatives who have mentioned purchasing or selling a home! Thanks again and best regards, Ravi Palia


Thanks lots AJ. Jobs well done and be sure that your name will be well talked in my community. I already got people asking for the service and they will contact you when they are ready. Again thanks for taking care of all. Ciao


Many thanks AJ , we will surely keep you in mind towards any future transactions of our properties as we believe in your integrity and dedication.


Mr Lamba,
It was a real pleasure to work with you and your terrific Team. Your team is so very dedicated, hats off to them. And a good team starts with a good Leader and that is you, Mr Lamba. Your devotion and advice helped us to sell our place in just a couple of days. Thank you..
Wishing you and your team best wishes for more prosperity and growth..
Basil, Arsheen, Maryam, Rehman and Rida..


On behalf of my sister and I, I would like to send my sincerest thank you to you for helping us out to this point. I really appreciate you for doing all that you can to help us in the buying our first home. We just got the keys to the house now. You are a friendly person with a charming personality. Stay in touch & watch out for my referrals in the near future. ;) I wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Lyn


Hi AJ, Thank you for your great service and expertise. Selling/buying the house is always a big move with numerous of chaos. You saved me lot of trouble. It met my expectation as 'worry free'. I'm glad I selected the right team. Thank you!

Eula + Reg

We would like to thank A.J. Lamba Realty Group for the sale of our home. Thankyou to each and everyone of you for all your time and effort,phone calls,the numerous showings,open houses, picture taking, staging, and brochure and the courtesy extended to us throughout the whole process. You could not have done anymore with the amount of exposure you provided for the property. Thank you for your personal attention, your feedback, your professionalism your caring about the customer's needs and concern. It would be a pleasure to recommend A.J. Lamba Realty Group to everyone who is looking to sell their home. Kind regards, Eula +Reg.Clarke.


AJ, First, I want to thank you and your Team in assisting Shirley and I in selling our house on Mirage Place. Everything has gone through successfully – thanks!! I had mentioned to you earlier about a friend I have that has a new house on property. Mentioned to him how successful we were, and he would like to talk to you. Thanks again!


Dear AJ, From start to finish the experience with your team has been a real pleasure. I really like the fact that you provide the staging service and do not charge additionally for this. Also, providing cleaning services is also a big plus. Many other realtors do not provide these services and if they do, they charge an arm & a leg. I also am very impressed by all of the marketing that your firm does. Especially advertising in the ethnic newspapers which reaches a much broader target market instead of the “standard” newspapers that other firms advertise in. Realizing that not everyone speaks English and reads Mississauga News, Toronto Sun / Star, etc. It is great that you target everyone. Your team has been great to work with and has really gone above and beyond for us. I would highly recommend the entire AJ Lamba Team. Thanks again. Best regards, Kerri Nagle

George & Maria

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude in all the hard work and services AJ and his team provided with selling our home. More specifically our listing agent was amazing. They put in a lot of hard work for us and were always attentive, thoughtful and patient. They went far and beyond their duty. AJ’s Team sold my home at 100% of the asking price just in the nick of time and we are so very grateful. AJ's professionalism really stood out when presenting the offer. He facilitated the transaction perfectly and smoothly. We could not ask for a better realty company and service. We will definitely recommend AJ Lamba and his great team. All the best!

Afzal & Keshika

AJ is an excellent real estate agent. He is honest, competent, and highly knowledgeable in his business. He is very reliable as he was always there to answer our many questions at any time of the day. He is very pleasant and goes out of his way to help his clients in any way possible. We highly recommend his services without reservation to anyone who is buying or selling a property.

Esmyn & Christian

As a first time home buyer, there was a lot to learn about the searching and purchasing of a home. Originally, my husband and I were looking to purchase a new home from the builder Daniels, but were subject to ridiculous role calls and line ups for weeks before the sale. During this time, I contacted and met The AJ Lamba Team, and they were most helpful in putting the homebuyer experience in perspective. We were making the largest purchase of our lives. Thus began our search for our first home. We began looking at properties, pointing out pros and cons of different properties. We finally narrowed down our search to 2 houses, and decided to put in an offer. It was nerve racking at the offer presentation, but The AJ Lamba Team was amazing and we walked away with our first home. Our Agent continued to work with us through the inspection and closing details, and we are truly grateful to have met her and work with her. She always made us feel like we were her only clients, and our chemistry together is what made this whole experience a positive one. We would recommend her and the team to anyone looking to purchase or sell their first or fiftieth home. Thank you so much for finding our first home!


I want to truly THANK the AJ Lamba Team for helping us sell our home in record time as well as for an amount higher than we were expecting. We have worked with several Real Estate Agents but were not satisfied till we finally met with the AJ Lamba Team . Right from the start we realized it was totally different experience and that we made the right decision this time. AJ Lamba personally met us on several occasions and guided us right through the entire process in an extremely professional and friendly manner, most knowledgeable and considerate of our needs. He was very articulate, patient and above all the best negotiator we have ever met! Thank you for your hard work, dedication and guidance right through the entire process. We sincerely wish you all the success for the future and are pleased to recommend AJ Lamba and his Team without hesitation.

Alex & Elena

"We would like to thank you a lot for all of your support, help and professional advice that you gave us in this last stressful few months. Today, your help culminated with this excellent deal in our #1 choice in this difficult multiple offer situation. And AJ struck the deal again !"

Leann & Jeff

AJ Lamba and his team provided us with outstanding service. We are so pleased with the sale and purchase of our new home. AJ and his team brought honesty, knowledge and a great of expertise. We will recommend him to all our friends, family and co-workers. L is for LOTS OF OFFERS... A is for AWESOME SERVICE... M is for MONEY,MONEY,MONEY... B is for BETTER START PACKING... A is for AMAZING...

Ross & Yuliya

Dear Mr. Lamba, I am writing to you this letter to share with you my exciting experience, almost two months of being a homeowner. As first-time home buyers, in the beginning we were pretty much overwhelmed by the whole process. After, my wife and I were delighted with the expert service we received from you and your team. Our Agent patiently helped us find a beautiful home that suited our needs. She listened and found for us the home that I imagined in my mind's eye for a long time. Two months later, I am still completely satisfied with the purchase process. She really enjoys her work and made purchasing our home as easy as possible. She has been patient, incredibly organized and reliable, has great follow-up and willing to give extra effort to help us make the best decision. I will always recommend the AJ Lamba Team to my friends and I would never even consider using another agent. You have spoiled us and now no other agent can measure up. I can say, without a doubt, that you are the Best Real Estate Broker I know. You made my real estate deal a breeze. You used your years of work experience and knowledge of real estate in the area to get me the best deal possible. I will continue to refer you and your team to my colleagues, friends and relatives when it comes to their real estate. You guys really do a great job. When someone asks us if we know a reliable, honest real estate brokerage, we highly recommend you. We are 100% satisfied customers! Thank you one more time.


"AJ's knowledge of the Heritage Hills area and his candor were greatly appreciated. He listens to what you are looking for, rather than trying to tell you or steer you in a direction that may benefit him in one way or another. I cannot imagine a better real estate agent."


Dear AJ, Our sincerest thanks and appreciation for your excellent advice and professionalism in assisting my parents through the smooth transition in selling their home. With all good wishes

Nolan, Nenita, & Megan

"Thank you so much for helping us find the most beautiful and perfect "nest" (home) for our family. Your highly-professional salesmanship gave us a painless and smooth transition from living in a condo-townhouse to moving into a gorgeous house that we can be proud of to call our own. Your great services will be for sure properly introduced and recommended to all of our friends and colleagues as well."

Inna & Mila

Your services have by far exceeded our expectations of what buying a home should be like and we would definitely retain you as our agent again in the future and recommend you to our friends.

Erna, Nikki, & Keyon

We thank you for your patience, your guidance, and your expertise. We will certainly recommend you to our family and friends.


"Only once in a while you do business with people who truly go far beyond what is expected of them. AJ Lamba is one of those rare exceptional people. His experience and patience helped us to purchase our first home; and for that reason I highly recommend him as a realtor."


"Thanks for your dedicated service in buying and selling my home. You are the reliable person for not only real estate but also financing the property. I can recommend you to anyone.


“Now that the dust has settled and we have moved in pretty much completely, I wanted to thank you once again for the excellent service you have provided in making our dream come true.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent services you provided me with. Your creativity and pro active strategies and work ethic had a huge impact on the sale and purchase of my house.”

Mrs. Smith

We will forever be indebted to AJ for all he has done and can honestly say he went the extra mile in helping us turn our dream into reality.



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