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With our experienced and reliable real estate team, we’re dedicated to ensure top quality service when buying or selling your home! AJ Lamba Team amongst the best in real estate services, listings, marketing and investment in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto and Oakville....throughout the entire GTA.

Comparative Market Analysis

Your listing agent is dedicated to helping you sell your home at its best possible price and in order to do so, they will conduct a Competitive Market Analysis to compare the value of your property based on other properties in your neighbourhood and to similar properties. This extensive research your agent puts the effort in to conduct on your home or commercial property will allow you to see the price of what your home is worth and ensure that you are getting the top dollar, especially if you have installed any upgrades or have any special features.



The better the marketing, the more likely a product will get sold – and that is why we advertise through many different avenues to ensure your property is seen by many potential buyers! With our experienced and reliable team, we work to ensure you top quality service and that means getting your property out there and purchased ASAP so you can have move into your next home with ease. Every week, we advertise with many different print mediums which include newspapers, magazines, flyers, ads, brochures and many more. We advertise in the city your property is located, nearby cities, and a rotation of different cultural newspapers to ensure maximum coverage.  When you team up with us, your property is advertised right away! With online advertising, we use:


We use social media to communicate and interact with our friends and fans alike to let them know of properties we currently have listed with photos and commentary. A Virtual Tour of your property is also created by our photographer and uploaded onto MLS for a more detailed viewing. Our marketing efforts strive to reach as many potential buyers as possible to ensure you get a maximum number of showings and the best sold price possible.

Complimentary Home Staging!!! See for yourself the Difference we make…

The Secrets of Our Success Revealed…

We take your home to a whole NEW Level and almost convert it into a Boutique so you get the Maximum $$$ for your Property! Our Professional Home Staging Team seamlessly implements a customized home staging solution exclusively for your home that is not only designed to sell your property faster but also for the Highest Market Value!

Our team takes care of all of the planning, designing, and logistics. You simply sit back and watch the buyers get wowed and battle over your property!

There are always several properties similar to yours that are also on the market! The main question in everyone’s mind is… How do you make yours stand out in buyer’s minds and entice offers? The answer is simple – Staging is the Secret to Getting the Highest Price!

Statistics have shown that 86% of staged properties sell within the first month of listing. The same percentage of staged homes sell at or above asking price. Gain a competitive edge on other home owners and realtors with our Professional Complimentary Home Staging!



Grab the Attention of BUYERS!

It is believed that 90% of home buyers and realtors search for properties online before visiting them. With the thousands of properties to scan through, you typically only have 3 seconds to grab buyers’ attention! With an On-line Listing and an Extensive Virtual Tour Professionally done to showcase the property after being Professionally Staged, you have the highest chance of getting the Buyer excited to come and visit your home.

What does that mean to you? Your listing photos MUST stand out and attract buyers. AJ Lamba Team's Professional Staging Team, stages your property to transform your home into the perfect attention grabbing listing you need to drive buyer traffic! Sell Faster, Sell Higher, Sell Smarter!


Make Buyers Feel at HOME!

Remember that you’re selling more than just a property. You’re selling someone’s future home. You have to sell them the idea, the life-style, and thebeauty of their next home.

Let the AJ Lamba Team create the perfect balance of function, flow, and beautiful visual displays that make buyers create an emotional connection with your property so they pay top $$$ to you! As you are aware that most Buyers may not have a great sense of interior decoration and are unable to visualize the true potential of a space. That’s what we do best so we can showcase your home to its highest and best potential.



Sell Faster. Sell Higher. Sell Smarter!

Home Staging is about perfectly packaging a product & effective marketing. Would you sell anyone a half-full used cup of coffee? Would you sell them a perfectly mixed blend of coffee, in a clean and crisp mug, adorned with just the right amount of foam? Which cup would they want to buy?

Our complimentary staging services prepares your property for sale. We transform your home into a Beautiful Attention Grabbing Listing. Create beautiful open house events. A turn your home into Another Property Sold.


Summary: Benefits of Staging Your Home!

  • 90% of staged properties sell within 30 days
  • Increase buyer traffic to your listings and open house events
  • Sell faster and closer to (or above) asking price
  • Increase property value / selling price
  • Gain a competitive edge over similar listings
  • 80% of buyers indicate that they would pay more for a property that has been staged